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Rebel8 Hookups! [Mar. 17th, 2009|12:00 pm]
Juxtapoz Art and Culture magazine


[mood |working]

Hey Juxtapoz readers. I have a treat for you Mike Giant fans.

So, I've been interning at Rebel8 for over 6 months, and now I finally have the hook-ups for ALL OF YOU!

If you buy anything on the Rebel8 website and type in "KIMI" at checkout, you get 25% off your whole purchase!

Maybe a Black-Flag-inspo'd shirt?

Bad Brains?

Goathedz Bike Club?

Or maybe a tote...I've been using this guy to carry my computer, tablet, and drafting tools, food, jackets, etc. and it's the perfect size!

Go to the website to look at everything (duh).

Oh, yeah, BTDubbs, this end on March 31st. This ain't gonna last forever.